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    In a setting made exquisite by traditional architecture and lavish interiors, The Grand Dragon Ladakh offers a new age convention centre with fabulous banquet options, perfect for national and international events. The hotel is home to a large centrally heated conference hall fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. For associated events, a smaller pre-function conference hall, a private boardroom, and the garden and amphitheater where events can be held under the gaze of the spectacular Stok mountains. And of course, the wide open moonscapes of Ladakh, perfect for other team building activities.

    Meeting SpaceConference HallConference Hall Pre-functionGarden-cum AmphitheatreBoard Room
    Area (sq ft)21705704960437

    l x b x h (ft)

    74 x 29 x 1060 x 9.5 x 1362 x 8025 x 18 x 10
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    The spectacular landscapes of Ladakh. The ancient charm of the city of Leh. And at its heart, the world’s highest star luxury hotel. No better place on earth to host an unforgettable wedding, a family celebration or a reunion with friends. Or indeed to have a meeting, convention, conference, incentive programme or any other exclusive event. Each a bespoke experience designed to meet your great expectations. Because you are on top of the world, and at The Grand Dragon Ladakh, we make sure you always feel that way.

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