Explore the terrain of Ladakh on your own terms as you pedal with the wind on German engineered Merida mountain bikes. Meander through quaint villages, with their little streetside shops. Buy homemade yak cheese, shawls and local varieties of tea. Stop to take in a stunning view. Breathe the fragrance of some wild flowers. Take a break to chat with the warm and wonderful people of Ladakh. And burn up some of those calories, while you’re having a great time.


At The Grand Dragon Ladakh you have the rare opportunity to do yoga and meditate against the backdrop of the Himalayas with the fresh mountain air cleansing you inside, out. Conducted by Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre, these sessions are held in groups to maximise the flow of positive energy created when more people do ‘dhyana’ together. Their approach is two-fold approach: ‘samatha’ to help calm the mind and body, and ‘vipassana’ for elevation to a greater consciousness. Get ready to set yourself free: mind, body and soul.


You don’t have to leave The Grand Dragon Ladakh to get a taste of the local culture because there’s always something to inspire you within the hotel. Film screenings. Art showings. Exhibitions on local craft and textiles. Workshops on traditional calligraphy. You name it. And if you, your family or colleagues want something special, just ask and we will be happy to organise it for you.


At The Grand Dragon Ladakh, we have another real treat in store for you: the in-house Souvenir Gallery with its handpicked selection of Pashmina shawls, Buddhist masks, Thangka paintings, silver and turquoise jewellery, hand-woven carpets and rugs, Tibetan prayer wheels and intricately carved low tables, the Choktse. So come, discover their beauty and craftsmanship, and carry home a really special trove of gifts and memories.


It’s an experience quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Riding the rapids of the Indus and Zanskar rivers in Ladakh. Feeling the vitality of the water in the midst of the stark desert landscape. Enjoying the beauty of the deep gorges, the towering snowcapped peaks, hilltop monasteries and villages. And enjoying rare glimpses of the unique wildlife of the region.


On the roof of the world with its dramatic peaks and plateaus, climbing the rocks is an experience like no other. Explore the rocky outcrops with long sprouting strands of grass and wildflowers. Let experts guide you to natural footholds and handholds and help propel you upwards securely. While you will only be scaling a modest part of the mighty mountains, you’ll never forget the feeling from up there.