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Trekking in ladakh


Trekking in Ladakh

Trekking is the most popular sport for tourists visiting Ladakh. Most of the Tour Operators itineraries include treks to various valleys and passes. There are local guides too usually suggested by the hotels who help the independent travelers to enjoy this sport.

Amongst the most popular treks is the Parang La Trek which is also one of the most challenging and adventurous trekking trail. This trek is located on an isolated route far into the mountains which includes crossing quite a few rivers. The Kang Yatse trekking tail, another popular one, is located to the south east of the Leh, in the Markha valley. This valley is a dream for every trekker. Every traveler usually wishes to trek the Markha Valley for at least once in their lifetime.

Then there are the Ladakh monastery trek, a trek from Spiti to Ladakh or from Spiti to Pitok and then to Hemis Monastery, the South Zangskar Trek and Trans-Zangskar Trek and the Nubra Valley Trek. Treks are also led to Rupshu and the Great Salt lakes. You can also go for the Chadar Ice trek, a trek from Padum Valley to Phuktal or Padum to Darcha, Padum to Manali , or from Panikhar to Heniskot, Lamayuru to Martselang and Lamayuru to Alchi Monastry.

The other popular trekking routes are from Likir to Temisgam, or the Stok- Kangri trek, Rupshu Valley trek,etc. Some tour operators also offer the Kala Patthar trek,and a trek from Pahalgam to Suru valley, or from Kinnaur to Spiti to Ladakh. The most beautiful trek would be the Tsomoriri-Lake Trek, and the Manali-Leh trek which covers all the areas from Manali to Leh.

Ladakh, is considered as a thrill for trekking and other adventure lovers. Some of the most fascinating and most-dreamt-of mountain range routes are those in The Greater Himalaya Range, Karakoram Range, Ladakh range and the Zanskar range. Ladakh area includes a surplus of popular trek routes which attract and lure adventure enthusiasts from all across the world. Challenging situations demand great forbearance, enthusiasm and willingness to cross our limits of fear and comfort.

Most tour operators and hotels or guesthouses offer expertise in the best possible trekking packages at market prices to the tourists. They also pay attention on the amenities and also provide assistance during the entire trek to ensure a safe and memorable trekking experience in Ladakh .

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