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There are people to whom danger, adventure, thrill, adrenaline rush etc are more important than comfortable vacations. They can go to any extreme for that, irrespective of inhospitable rugged terrains, harsh climates which are difficult to acclimatize to and difficulties of reaching these places. For these avid adventure-lovers, Ladakh is a tourist paradise. Located in the northern parts of the Paradise on earth, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is bounded by the Kunlun ranges in the north and the Great Himalayan range to the south, Ladakh offers plenty of breathtaking visual treats in the form of panoramic views from hilltops, snowcapped mountains, rolling valleys, meadows, interesting flora and fauna and a rich cultural heritage and ancient tradition. Though its mostly an arid desert, there’s some heavy snowfall in winter over the glaciers which melt in summer irrigating the fields. Ladakh varies in altitude from 9000 ft at Kargil to 25170 ft in the Karakoram range. There are extreme temperature variations with temperature as low as minus 20 degree Celsius in winter and summer temperature not more than 27-30 degree Celsius. The incredibly thin air not only causes hyperventilation and asphyxia but also aggravates the heat.

Apart from the hiking, mountaineering trekking in Ladakh, people can also enjoy the gorgeous scenic beauty, company of friendly people and peaceful monasteries in Ladakh with Buddhist art, paintings etc. The unspoilt, rustic charm and the adventure the land provides are what attract people in droves here. Ladakh is a very important tourist spot in Kashmir with hundreds of people from both inside and outside India visiting it. Tourism comprises of an important means of livelihood amongst the people here. The people here make money mostly during the tourist seasons out of pilgrimages, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism etc.

There is no dearth of excellent deluxe hotels in Ladakh if you are looking for comfortable accommodations. These hotels are operated by some of the famous hotel chains in the country and have all sorts of modern amenities of comfort like plush rooms, room service, laundry, dry cleaning, lobbies, library, medical units, transportations etc. They also provide you with superb tour packages. The tariffs are a bit stiff in any luxury hotel in ladakh but the experience is totally worth it.

For affordable living, there are also many standard hotels in ladakh with much lower tariffs but very good facilities available. For people who are on a tight budget yet don’t want to miss any experience, these hotels are ideal. They collaborate with tour operators in Ladakh and arrange for trips to places like Kargil valley, Zanskar, Zangla, Leh, Nubra valley in ladakh.

For experiencing traditional Ladakhi hospitality and local cuisines, you can also check into guest houses in ladakh owned by local families. They are comparatively cheaper. There are several guest houses in India but nothing beats these Ladakhi ones for their rustic charm and delightful living facilities. For booking details, contact travel agents of ladakh who have been conducting tours to even most inhospitable terrains of this region with utmost security. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and gear up for the most thrilling vacation of your life.

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