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Excellent hotels and guest houses in Ladakh

Kashmir is rightfully called the Paradise on earth. The imposing snow-capped mountains, the lush green rolling valleys, mineral springs, the enchanting flora and fauna, the rivers, the excellent picturesque tourist spots and the warm and friendly people. Ladakh, located at altitudes that range from 9000 ft. to about 25000 ft is more of a mountainous desert located between the Kunlun mountain range in the north and the Great Himalayan range to the south and is one of the most inhospitable, rugged, remote yet beautiful places on earth. The beauty of Ladakh cannot be explained in words. You have to experience it, travel across the dry, barren terrains and take part in hiking and trekking in Ladakh to fully realize the ageless beauty of its panoramic, majestic mountains that render the land somewhat inaccessible. There are numerous tourist attractions in Ladakh-monasteries in Ladakh are found in beautiful locations amidst the mountains; they have much historical significance and are home to Buddhist art and artifacts. Apart from that, general tourist destinations are the Kargil valley, Suru valley, Tsomoriri Valley, Sankoo, Rangdum, Leh, Zanskar, Padum, Zangla, Nubra valley in Ladakh etc. Ladakh offers excellent tourism facilities and hundreds of people flock to this place, ignoring the harsh climates, the forbidding terrains for the love of nature, adventure and experiencing something new.
There are several hotels in ladakh for comfortable accommodations. They vary in facilities, tariffs, locations but almost all of them are located in safe areas providing beautiful views of the nature outside. You can also find deluxe hotels in Ladakh with home-like comforts such as 24x7 hot water, communication facilities with internet connection, medical facilities, meditation rooms and Buddhist knowledge centers, message parlors, dry cleaning and laundry services, library, excellent trek and tour packages with comfortable and sturdy transportations etc. You can find about a luxury hotel in Ladakh in the area of your choice with the tariff rates and facilities that suit your pocket.
There are also several cheap, affordable hotels which are by no means, below standard given their low tariff rates. Guest houses in Ladakh are often run by Ladakhi families, giving you a chance to enjoy traditional hospitalities, cuisines and the unspoilt, rich heritage of Ladakh. Guest houses in India are generally noted for their warm hospitality and Ladakhi guest houses are no exception indeed.
It is advisable to visit Ladakh with a tourist group if you are not a seasoned traveler. There are hundreds of travel agents of Ladakh with different tour packages spanning different durations, tourist destinations and different prices to suit everybody’s pocket. Apart from accommodations and transport, they also arrange for wildlife tours, cultural tours, adventure tours for hiking, trekking, river rafting, jeep safari, rock climbing etc. Different packages differ on the number of tourist locations to visit but almost all of them cover the popular ones like Leh, Changthang, Zanskar, Kargil, Nubra valley in Ladakh etc. There are also tour operators in Ladakh who will take you to all the exotic locations. These agents can be contacted online; their websites contain details of the tour packages, prices, photographs and other relevant information along with contact details.
Visit Ladakh for an unforgettable experience!