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The Grand Dragon Ladakh

Eco Hotel

The Grand Dragon Ladakh is a Hotel, that has made an important environmental improvements to its structure.
Hotel has been constructed in traditional Ladakhi style but conforms to Green Architectural standards by using state of art technicques like:

* European standard of HVAC system for the entire hotel.

* Double glazed windows.

* 95 Solar panels for hot water supply and under floor heating.

* Natural sunlight in bathrooms and guest rooms.

* Energy efficient LED and CFL lights.

* Energy saving device smart card room entry system.

* Safety Management Systems in The Grand Dragon Ladakh conform to international standards.

* Key cards: The guests recycle keycards by returning them to the reception before check out.

* Linen reuse program: The guest is made aware of the water wastage and pollution while washing linen.

* Practicing Non-Toxic chemicals and detergents for cleaning surpose.

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