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Accommodation in Leh and Ladakh

Leh is among the Indian cities and with more than enough accommodation facilities to offer shelter for the streaming tourists. All tourists are well provided for, whether you are on budget or a business traveler; there are Leh hotels just for you. Most of the relatively cheap hotels are flawlessly maintained, aimed at the travelers who are on a tight budget and still value quality in service provision.
There are flourishing restaurants with a variety of tantalizing cuisines. Tibetan foods take the better of the menu alongside the European and Chinese specialties. These foods are also served in the upscale tourist restaurants. In most of the cases, breakfast is normally served to the guests in the guest rooms and hotels in Leh. The wheat flavored bread of Lakadhi eaten with honey, jam or better is common with the breakfast serving. There is also barley porridge that offers a fantastic day’s start. Beer is not exclusion in the tourist restaurants.
Your stay in Leh is guaranteed to be worth the price that you pay for it. Accommodation in Leh is easy to find considering there are slightly more than 50,000 options to select from. The Grand Dragon hotel is one of the accommodation options that blend ancient architecture and modernity in the innovative facilities. The rooms are extremely comfortable and it is amazing how this luxurious hotel is conscious about energy conservation. The double glazed windows and solar panels are clear evidence of this compliment.
The Grand Dragon Hotel has a travel desk that has a responsibility of making sure that the guests are thrilled and fascinated by the rich wealth of tourist destinations in Leh and Ladakh. They conduct adventurous tours across Ladakh. The region is also rich in cultural heritage and it would be unfair not to take the guests on a tour to experience this diversity up close. If you are reading this article, the odds are that you have no idea of the interestingly mountainous terrain in the Ladakh region. What is more, you are probably a great fun of trekking. The travel desk at the hotel is capable of organizing captivating and interesting adventures in Ladakh.
The rooms are furnished and the amenities are luxurious. Each room is equipped with an LCD television set and private bathrooms. It is well known to them that communication holds a very important spot in many people’s priorities. For this reason, each room has a telephone that is capable of making not only local calls but also international ones. Accessing the internet has also been made easy because at the comfort of your room, you can read your emails, chat with your fiends or go through your business online.
Food is among the necessities for survival, besides shelter. The Grand Dragon Hotel has this need well taken care of. There is a restaurant specializing in offering foods and drinks to the guests. The specialties that are offered are tantalizing and you should not worry about the variety of cuisines. They have a wide selection of cuisines and the problem that you may have is actually deciding on your preferred selection.